E1/V.35 Protocol Converter
Product details
E1 to V.35 protocol converter can realize the bi-directional data transfer from E1 port to V.35. This equipment is widely used in communication network including WAN and LAN, realizing the transfer from E1 channel of SDH or PDH equipment to V.35 which maybe provided with router.
E1 channel: both framed & unframed are OK, both 75 & 120ohm are OK
Standard: G.703, line code: HDB3
Alarm system for E1 loss
Support local/remote loop test
DB25 connector for V.35, in DCE mode
Multiple clock selection: internal clock, V.35 line clock and E1 recovery clock
Panel instruction for easy understanding of equipment working status
Internal power supply, 220V AC and -48V DC optional
Standalone and module at your selection
E1 port
Bit rate: 2.048Mbit/s50ppm
Line code: HDB3
Standard: Compatible with ITU-T G703
Connector: BNC connector with line impedance 75ohm, RJ45 connector with line impedance 120ohm
Jitter performance: in full compatible with G742 and G823
V.35 port
Line code: NRZ
Bit rate: 2.048 Mbit/s50ppm
Connector: DB25female, with DB25/M34 transfer line
Way of Connection: DCE
Clock: Line Clock, Local clock
Operating temperature: 0-50
Power Supply: -48VDC or 220VAC20%
Dimension: 170mm(W)*133mm(D)*40mm(H)

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